It seems more and more people are wearing headphones these days. Whether they are over the ear types or the wireless ear buds type, I have seen more people with them on lately. I was always told it was illegal to wear them while driving growing up, but is it truly illegal in the state of Montana.

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I was lied to.

Like I said, growing up my dad always told me it was illegal to wear headphones while driving, and I took it at face value. It makes sense, headphones can easily block out sound from around you.  That could mean you do not hear sirens, horns or any number of things that you should be listening for when driving. Turns out my dad was lying to me, because in South Dakota where I grew up, it's not illegal to wear headphones while driving. Thanks Dad!


But what is the law in Montana?

Turns out it is not illegal in the state of Montana either. According to the website in the state of Montana we can drive all we want with headphones on. Now is it a smart idea? Probably not, and for the reasons we listed up above. Hindering yourself in any way while driving makes you more susceptible to an accident.

Another thing you can miss while wearing headphones when driving is mechanical issues that your car could have. That might not cause an accident, but it could cost you money if you are not hearing those issues every time you drive due to wearing headphones.


So while it might not be illegal in Montana (yet) it is probably better to be safe and take those headphones off while driving.

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