Running up and during the 2020 presidential race and election, if you were like me, you were glued to every media source that one could find. YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, and most importantly, Twitter. All to find out the latest in the juicy happenings because frankly, whatever side you were on if any, there was Biden this, Trump that, red and blue wave everywhere, and the news seemed to never ever stop with new developments all the time.  

Although, never a supporter, I wanted to be on the cutting edge of whatever hairbrained thing he had to say, I wanted to know everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING. So much so, that I signed up for campaign and contribution emails to come directly to my feed. 

This turned out to be a very annoying mistake. 

It was fun until and just after election night.  

I would get constant emails from his team, and I still do. Asking for contributions, support, votes, you name it, and it always starts or started with “Friend” or ‘Hello Patriot”. It also gamified donations by telling people during certain hours it would be double, triple, five times the impact of importance, how I was running out of time to make a difference. Not to mention the incentive of a MAGA hat or The Coveted Trump Red Card, Signed even!  

Oh Boy! 

However, now I’m dealing with emails from Jared Kushner, Don Jr, Eric, and even Ivanka Trump telling me her gracious husband just wrote a book and I have the opportunity to snag one up for a generous donation.  

They won’t stop coming and it doesn’t matter whether I put them in a junk or spam folder, they keep popping up in my inbox and the only time they offered an unsubscribe button, it resulted in more emails. 

I’m not sure what to do. Seriously, please send help.  

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