What is the hottest town in Montana?

Ask people what they think the climate in Montana is like and no doubt you'll hear overwhelming that it's cold most of the year.

They'd be right, but Montana is no stranger to extreme heat during our summer months as well.

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So, while Montana might experience more cold than hot (or even warm) days, there is one town set a record high and one town that is the warmest all year round in Montana.

What is the record for the highest temperature in Montana?

Over 130 years ago the town of Glendive set the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in the Big Sky.

A bright yellow sun in the top right corner with rays shining down plus 117° text representing the highest temp recorded in Monatna

You can claim that 117° is a "dry heat" but so is my oven. Dry or not that's too hot for me.

While you might be like me and not want to live in a place that reaches triple digits regularly, you also don't want to live in a place that is constantly below zero either.

Well there is one place that can be considered the hottest place in Montana.

According to the website Extreme Weather Watch this town has an average temperature of 48.6°

That might not seem that warm, but considering the long winter months in Montana, that sounds pretty nice.

So what town is considered the hottest city in Montana?

A bright sun with the text Hardin

Hardin, MT is the hottest town in Montana

Located just 45 miles to the east of Billings, if you're craving warm temps then this is the town for you.

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