Is Montana The “Grinchiest”?

For many people Christmas is easily their favorite holiday.

I'll admit, I like Christmas, but I wouldn't put it as my favorite holiday.

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I do like the holiday specials, I enjoy getting just the perfect gift for my friends and family, and I love the food. It's just the pressure around it all that makes me say "Bah Humbug."

For example, my wife and I held out as long as possible on doing Elf on the Shelf, but finally had to breakdown and get one this year.

It's not that I wanted to deprive my kids of the excitement of it; more so that I'd hate to forget to move it, or compete with all the other examples you see on social media.

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A close up on an elf on the shelf in the christmas tree

This New Survey Shows Montana Is Very Festive

Turns out I might have been the Grinch all along, at least compared to the majority of Montana residents.

The website Inner Body wanted to find out what state in America was the most "festive" during the Christmas season.

They analyzed search trends on Google; think things like "ugly Christmas sweater" or "Christmas Eve," and they then tallied the total amount of all Christmas related searches to find out the most festive states.

Taking the top spot this year was West Virginia, but Montana is still very festive as we landed at #10.

If you'd like to read the full survey and see what makes Montana such a festive state you can read it here.

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40th Annual Downtown Great Falls Christmas Stroll

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