Are There More Bobcats Or Grizzlies Living In Montana?

This is a two parted question that we're going to answer, using what we promise to be very scientific measurements.

We're going to find out the population for both animals and also fans of the universities for their respective mascots.

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How Many Bobcats Live In Montana?

When it comes to bobcats, it's hard to get a exact figure, but thanks to the website A-Z Animals and the Montana Department Fish, Wildlife and Parks we have a pretty good idea.

First, though did you know that bobcats are classified as a furbearer and are the only furbearer animal allowed to be hunted in Montana. Also only Montana residents with a license are allowed to do so.

Now as for the total, again that's a bit tricky. In 1983 it was estimated there were 8,154 bobcats to be living in Montana. That year is when they came up with 7 trapping districts and regulated how many bobcats could be hunted each year.

In 2016 the FWP estimated there were 6,515 bobcats living in the state. It fluctuates each year so it's not exact, but we're going to go with their number.

a bobcat

How Many Grizzlies Live In Montana?

When it comes the amount of grizzlies living in Montana, we've got a much clearer picture.

Since the grizzly was placed on the threatened species under the federal Endangered Species Act in the lower 48 states in 1975, we've got some pretty good tracking numbers on these apex predators.

The FWP estimates there are around 2,100 grizzlies living in Montana, the most of any state in America outside of Alaska.

Speaking of Alaska did you know they'll pay you to live there?

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A mother grizzly and her cubs

Who Has More Fans In Montana, Bobcats Or Grizzlies?

Now this is where we're going to get REALLY scientific. 😉

Using the website Hero Sports, which tracks regular season average attendance for FCS football, we can see who has more fans in Montana.

Attendance totals for jackson state, montana and montana state for the 2022 football season

Well there you have it, there might be more bobcats actually living in Montana, but there are more Griz fans living in Montana.

To which I just have to say,


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