You may have noticed when doing some driving around Montana, a lot of businesses love to use Montana in their name.  Everything from glass, doors, clothing etc.

Most of those types of businesses would probably send a cease and desist letter if they found out another business was using their same name.  Yet that doesn't seem to be the case when it comes to one type of business.  Bars.

This was a suggestion that a co-worker gave me to find out. "How about you find out how many bars are named 'Montana Bar' in Montana?"

It was kind of like that moment that you learn a new word and you then start to hear it everywhere.  I knew there were bars named "Montana Bar" but I never stopped to think, "you know, there are probably quite a few because I know of least two."

So I went to Google and did some research and wouldn’t you know it, there are quite a few in Montana.  All over the state as well. I can image you wouldn't be able to have two bars in Fort Benton both named "Montana Bar."  Seems it is completely fine though if there is one in Deer Lodge and one in Culbertson.

It might be a bit of fun to do a tour around the state hitting up all the "Montana Bar" bars.  However if you don't have time to drive around the state visiting them you can do so virtually by checking out our gallery below!

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How many “Montana Bar” bars are there in the state of Montana?

Ever wondered how popular the name "Montana Bar" is when it comes to bar names. Check them all out here.

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