A couple of weeks ago my Father-In-Law said he watched the first episode of Season 5 of "Yellowstone". He could not stop talking about it. He immediately went out and bought all the past seasons on DVD. It became an obsession for him.

He is not alone in that regard either. "Yellowstone" is not only one of the biggest shows on TV, but also a bit of a cultural phenomenon.

I resisted as long as I could. Once my Father-In-Law gushed about it, my wife said, "let's give it a try." Her co-workers all wanted to be Beth and swooned over Rip, so she was intrigued.

So last night we watched the first episode of Season 1. What did we think of it?

Well, it is a mixed bag. There are breathtaking shots of scenery. Although we found out most of the early seasons were shot in Utah, they have since moved most of the production to Montana in Season 4 and 5.  So the look of the landscape is on point.

However, it looked to be late summer early fall and I believe it was set in March. Fire season in Montana looks much different than early spring. It is those little things that end up taking me out of the show.

Most of the time you must suspend disbelief when watching TV or Movies. I mean if you don't, you would never enjoy anything.

I have a feeling what most Montanans feel about "Yellowstone" is a bit like what most Texans felt about Dallas. It gets plenty right, and just as much wrong.

I am not saying I will not watch it, because I realize it is a drama and it looks like it a good one at that.

I will just have to remind myself that it is just a TV show. Especially when it is January, and everyone is in T-Shirts with green grass and no snow.

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