This a fact based article with a little bit of personal opinion included.  You are free to disagree with me no matter how wrong you are. The cover photo is my two dogs.  They are taking a little nap because they were up all night protecting me from a rabbit in the front yard! You would think I would of slept better knowing I was safe!

First, the fact portion of the story. Dogs MAKE  better pets than cats.  Dogs ARE  better pets than cats.  Why have a cat when you can have a dog. Okay, that might have been the opinion portion, either way, take a look at the numbers.

Randy Bogden
Randy Bogden

My Coon Hound May

Randy Bogden
Randy Bogden

My Wire Haired German Terrier Mix Juliette

Most popular pets in the United States

According to Wonderslist, the top 10 pets in the United States are:

  1. Dogs- Obviously Number 1, they are “man’s best friend”
  2. Cats- I will grant, some do a good job of keeping mice under control
  3. Hamsters- They are cute, but stink
  4. Fish- On a side note, if you run out of food no one bats an eye when you say you had fish for dinner
  5. Mice- No…..still no
  6. Guinea Pig- just another name for Hamster, isn’t it
  7. Birds- Some birds are cool, but again can be stinky
  8. Snakes- No….look back at mice, still no
  9. Iguanas- They are a cool animal, almost dinosaur like.  Can be dangerous and smelly
  10. Ferrets- Once it gets out of your hands, good luck catching it
Randy Bogden
Randy Bogden

Both of the dogs agreed- the pillow had been asking for it and got what it deserved.

Most of this list is intended as humor (unless you disagree with me).  Each one of these pets listed can make good companions for the right person.  If you are choosing a pet, be sure to consider the activity needs as well as the life span.  Giving a baby turtle to grandma is not a good idea.  Turtles can live 100+ years. Trivia fact- The oldest living turtle on record, shares a birth year with Abraham Lincoln.

The top two most popular pets are dogs and cats.  Let’s look at the comparison.

According to Spruce Pets here are the reasons Dogs are at the top of the list:

  • No Litter Box- unless you consider the back yard as a really big litter box
  • Dogs just want to have fun- dogs are ready to play 24 hours a day, even when it is sleep time
  • Dogs adapt better to change- this I feel is a true statement
  • Training Dogs is Easier- Dogs want to learn
  • Dogs can Protect You- have you ever seen a "Beware of the Fish" sign on a door
  • Dogs Promote an Active lifestyle- If you are doing it right, you are out walking with your dog
  • Dogs come when you call them- even when they have been naughty
Randy Bogden
Randy Bogden

I am not sure what the Dog Bed did, but Thank Goodness I was safe. Once again, my dogs were there to protect me.

Randy Bogden
Randy Bogden

Juliette may, or may not look guilty.  She later told me it was May that did it.

According to Spruce Pets here are the reasons Cats are at the top of the list:

  • Cats don't take up much space- most of the time you don't even see them
  • Cats cost less- food, snacks and toys- all they need to be happy is an empty box
  • Cats are quieter- Never had an indoor cat wake me up howling at the neighbor
  • Cats make good pest control- and you know because they leave the dead mouse on your pillow
  • Cats are self cleaning, and will often clean you as well
  • I'm sure there are other reasons, but I am still not convinced

On a serious note.  If you are looking for a dog or a cat, please consider checking out one of the many shelters in our area.

Being owned by a pet is one of the greatest joys you can have.

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We spend a fortune on brand new toys for our pets. Chances are that they will completely destroy those at some point. But before that destruction happens, there are some normal, everyday items that we have in our homes that our pets would rather play with. The best thing...these "toys" are usually way less expensive.



Because the regulation of exotic animals is left to states, some organizations, including The Humane Society of the United States, advocate for federal, standardized legislation that would ban owning large cats, bears, primates, and large poisonous snakes as pets.

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