Over the years, I've heard rumors that the Mafia had a presence in Great Falls.

After all, we have a road named Bootlegger Trail, and it's no secret that there was a rather considerable workers union influence at the smelter that mobsters very well could have had a hand in.

Is there any actual evidence?

I researched the topic and found information on the Great Falls History Museum Website

One of the more popular rumors suggests that the Mafia used the town as a hideout, with the Terrace bar in the Park Hotel as a favored spot.

This rumor gains credibility due to Great Falls' role as a key railway hub between Chicago and the coast.

Despite the Mafia's secrecy, a hint of evidence emerged in a 1958 event from the Great Falls Tribune:

On January 5, 1958, entertainer John Adomono discovered dynamite wired to his car's engine at Rice Motors.

Adomono had recently bought the car from Park Hotel owner Mike Guon.

The intended victim was Guon, who kept the car in the hotel's garage. Further incidents followed:

  • March 8: Two explosions damaged the Park Hotel and a service station, likely disposing unused dynamite.
  • Later in March: A package with dynamite was left near a home, leading to the arrest of Dave Edwin Scott, who admitted to most of the bombings.

Scott, described as highly intelligent but emotionally unstable, was charged with using explosives.

He admitted targeting Guon.

Despite thin evidence, speculation arose about a possible Mafia connection.

Guon's passing in 1973 raised further questions about these events.

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