Identity theft in Montana

I was checking my bank account recently and noticed a rash of charges all at the same place.

After discussing it with my wife and then checking out the business on Google, we came to the realization my identity had been stolen.

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I hope you had fun at that water park in Massachusetts.

I imagine you did as they are Southern New England’s largest water park.

Heck, Adam Sandler and his friends shot the movie "Grown Ups" there.

The entrance to Water Wizz in East Wareham, Massachusetts
Google Maps

Water Wizz In East Wareham, Massachusetts

Thankfully the water park caught on and stopped you after you racked up almost $300 in charges.

Now begins all the fun for me.

My card has been cancelled but I won't have access to a new debit card for 7 to 10 business days.

Which wouldn't be all that big of deal if I wasn't going on vacation (ironically enough to a water park) in just two days.

To add to the frustration of that, will be the fact that I use auto payments for all my bills and they are all tied to my card.

Frustrated man feeling stressed with his laptop computer

Sadly, this isn't the first time this has happened to me.

Back in 2017 someone in Russia stole my identity and then went on a buying spree of video games to the tune of $2,000.

Thankfully both times my bank never doubted the charges were fraudulent and refunded me the money.

So whoever you are, I hope some kid peed in the pool while you were there.

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