Celebrities always have an angle.  They are looking for ways to improve their image or brand to increase the balance in the bank.  It's pretty simple, become an influencer, make a comment or be seen with a certain product, wait for endorsements and cash to start rolling in.  Does it work?  Of course, it does!  Think basketball players who endorse shoes, movie stars hawking cell phone services, or comedians that help promote food chains.

When Things Take a Strange Turn for Endorsements and Trends

Sometimes those endorsements can make one start to scratch their head, however.  It's odd that celebrities, who have a huge entourage of people behind them making sure that the moves they make are the correct ones, let some of these things fly.  In a recent interview, model and influencer Ashley Graham stated that:

I started taping my mouth shut when I sleep, and I have never slept better - and even better when I wake up.  Don't knock it till you try it.

How many of her followers through social media will take that as a new trend and want to give it a whirl with a roll of duct tape?  Will we suddenly start seeing warning labels on our tape along the lines of "don't use while sleeping, may cause death"?

Joking Aside, There Are Some Crazy Endorsements from Some Big Stars

I don't know that I have ever been influenced by a star to buy a particular product, if I like it and think it will work is much more influential to me than whether or not a celebrity thinks they have a good breakfast burrito while being paid a lifetime supply of them.

What about you?  Do celebrities influence your purchases?  Ever been burned by one and bought the biggest piece of junk?  Let us know!  You can comment on our socials, hit us up with the appchat feature in our downloadable app below or email us here.

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