Where Can You Find The Best Chili In Montana?

When the weather gets cold in Montana nothing helps warm you up like a good soup or stew.

Some people might consider chili to be a category of it's own, but it's technically a stew, and one place in Montana is home to best chili in the state.

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There are chili recipes out there with steak, hamburger, chicken, venison, elk. If there is a meat you like, there is probably a recipe you can use.

Then there is the great debate on if chili includes beans or not. If you're from Texas the answer is no, everywhere else, it's a matter of preference.

I like to think I make a really good chili and mine comes with beans, much to the dismay of my wife for about the next 3 days.

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This Is Where You’ll Find The ‘Best Chili In Montana’

The website Eat This, Not That stocked up on Gas-X and hit the road eating chili in all 50 states to come up with the best place to grab a bowl in each state.

The best in Montana turns out to be in Billings at The Burger Dive.

Here is what Eat This, Not That had to say about their chili,

The Burger Dive in Montana makes a hearty chili in-house daily using owner and chef Brad Hallsten's special recipe.

Check out the gallery below for different types of chili you can make 👇

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