How A Drone Can Cost Big Time in a National Park in Montana

In photography or videography, some of the best shots will be aerial.  Whether that be climbing to the top of South Peak to take pictures, or with a drone in the air for you, it can lead to amazing results.  The high ground always wins.  So it shouldn't come as a surprise that drones are everywhere.  Both for personal and commercial use.  And it shouldn't come as a surprise that idiots will fly them where they shouldn't.  It is pretty much a given.

5k In Fines And 6 Months In The Crowbar Motel If You Do It

And that is just for taking off or landing in a national park.

But when it comes to our national parks, well, oftentimes, people are idiots.


You only need to check out the @touronsofnationalparks to see some of the incredibly stupid stuff people will try.  And no, not just with animals.  They recently posted a video of a man in the Smoky Mountains National Park using a drone within the boundaries of the park.  But it gets even better.  He used the drone to chase a bear out of a tree.  Seriously?  You can view the video here.

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Maybe We Need A Quick Refresher On Drone Rules In Our National Parks

Fall is rapidly approaching in the air, not just on the calendar, and many will be trying to get the last glimpse of summer in Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.  They will also try to get some of the best views of the magnificent fall colors that each presents.

This time, take your camera and leave the drone at home.  It has been illegal since 2014 to fly a drone within the boundaries of a national park, let alone harass wildlife with it.  According to the Drone Life, the only exception is:

if you have a special use permit (SUP) for research, a search and rescue mission, or a wildfire operation

It shouldn't be this hard everyone.  Drones are great fun, in the appropriate locations and within the laws of federal, state, and county laws.  No drone zone areas include airports, prisons, and other locations.

For amazing views of some of our local landmarks, check out the video below.  We've also included great shots throughout our national parks in Montana.

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