The signs are there.  It's coming.  The temps will start falling, crosswalks will become busy and suddenly busses will be everywhere across the Electric City.  No, it's not winter that I am referring to.

It's all about back-to-school time across the city.  Are you prepared?

Do You Have All of Your Child's School Supplies Ready to Go?

In most instances, we often think of getting ready for back-to-school in terms of shopping.  Getting all the pens and pencils, notebooks, backpacks, and of course outfitting our children in the latest fashion for their best first day back at school.

Those are all important for each and every student out there.  However, have you ever considered making sure that your son or daughter's vehicle is ready to go also?

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How To Find Out If That Vehicle Is Ready to Be on A Montana Road

If you are somewhat mechanically inclined, you may already have this on your radar.  But if you aren't, how do you know if your child's ride is roadworthy?  Thankfully, there is a free event that can help you both.

This Saturday, August 19th, the Western Feed Corral will be teaming up with Henry's Tire Service & Repair to offer a free car safety inspection.  Kids will be on the road daily to and from school and heading to school events, so make sure they are safe.  Henry's will be on location at the Western Feed Corral from 8am to 2pm with visual inspections.  Participants will receive a free analysis of the findings for them to address with the vehicle.

This is a free event for the public, with no purchase necessary.

Now That The Vehicle Is Road Worthy, Make Sure To Remember Some Of The Driving Rules Regarding Kids Going Back To School

Back to school is fast approaching in Montana. If you forgot some of the laws over the summer get a quick refresher course to help you remember and not get a big fine this fall.

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