It's Back To School Time In Montana

As the summer turns to fall it means our kids will be going back to school shortly.

That also means, whether you have kids or not, your daily routine will be changing as well.

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Plenty of parents around Montana are I'm sure at this moment chomping at the bit to get their kids back in the classrooms.

For them that means getting backpacks full of supplies ready, changing bedtime routines, packing lunches, laying out clothes for the new year, along with countless other tasks that are to numerous to mention.

A teacher or mother walks 4 little ones with backbacks into a school

How Back To School Impacts Everyone

Even if you don't have kids there are plenty of ways that back to school will affect you.

All those kids have to get to school somehow, and not every parent is afforded the luxury of dropping them off themselves.

That means there will be busses sharing the roads with us, driving to drop off and then picking up kids again.

You'll have to be more vigilant around crosswalks near schools as more kids will be in and around them. And lets admit it, most likely NOT paying attention.

Those school zone speed limits will also be more closely watched and enforced once school is back in session again.

School Zone with Cop

So before the craziness of back to school begins, why not take a crash course and get a quick refresher on what you need to, or more to the point not do, this fall.

Trust us, doing so will help you avoid a ticket and a big fine.

3 Ways To Be Quickly Ticketed During Back To School In Montana

Back to school is fast approaching in Montana. If you forgot some of the laws over the summer get a quick refresher course to help you remember and not get a big fine this fall.

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