Just Where Do Montana Schools Rank In America?

As we are fully into 2024, we're also 4 years gone from the pandemic.

The pandemic changed plenty about life in America, and the education our students got was no exception.

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No doubt in the years to come there will be plenty of studies that will be conducted to see the impact that the pandemic had on a school and a select group of students.

It is no surprise that some students fell behind during those trying times, and that in turn affected school rankings across America.

I feel Montana has some great schools, although we didn't make the grade when it came to the top 50 schools in America, we also aren't the worst state for your children to get an education.

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How Does Montana Stack Up Against Other States In America?

The website 24/7 Wall St. is where we are getting our information from.

The took a look at quite a few factors in generating their list, such as were students scored on assessment test, graduation rates, along with SAT scores.

They also leaned on the website Niche which ranks schools with input from parents themselves.

Add to that classroom size, teacher pay, and how many students took AP courses and you start to get a clear picture of where each state ranks when it comes to public education.

As for Montana? Well, we fall right in the middle at #25, but if you'd like to see the whole list check out the link here.

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