Keeping our Cats Happy - Is This Diet Right for Felines?

Each of us that have a pet in our lives and home all want the same thing for them.  To be happy, healthy and live as long as possible.  Taking care of them, at least in our home, is a priority.


Keeping up with their wellness checks, updated shots and making sure they are living their best lives.  However, of those considerations, how much does what you feed them play in to their healthcare?

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Felines Need a Certain Number of Fluids, Are Your Pets Getting Enough?

In a new article from The Daily Mail, a veterinarian in Florida is going viral for a suggestion in your pet's diet.  Specifically, your cat's diet.  Are they receiving the proper amount of moisture in their diet of food that you feed?

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The doctor states in the article that:  "A high moisture diet is critical in preventing a large number of diseases that we see develop in cats, one of the main ones being urinary tract obstruction."  If your cat is suffering an inordinate amount of them, this may be the culprit.

A Mix of the Two is Suggested to Be the Best Solution for Your Pet

Dry cat food alone will only offer about 10% moisture content for your cat.  Wet food can offer up to a 70% moisture intake.  Even pet food maker Purina suggests that a mixture of the two could be best.

Purina stated that:  "Wet food is preferable as it better reflects what they would eat in the wild.  In nature, cats derived most of the water their bodies needed from their prey.  Cats benefit from wet food because it is much higher in water content so is easier to consume."

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You should always consult your veterinarian when making changes to your pet's diet or regime.  I will say that in our home, we feed a mixture of dry and wet food to our cat, and we haven't seen problems over the years.  What are your thoughts?

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