Summer and hot weather is here in Montana and you still have tons to do during the day.

You are in and out of your car getting all the errands done and sometime you leave things in there and don't even think about it sometimes.

We've all been there, but maybe think about some of these items the next time you exit the vehicle.

Water Bottles

Maybe this is a no-brainer some people. I usually carry water everywhere I go, but it isnt a very good idea to keep water bottles in a hot car on a sunny day. One, the water within the bottle can refract sunlight and possibly light the interior of said car on fire. Two, When the sun hits certain water bottles, the plastic can degrade causing microplastics to absorb into water and you have a chance of swallowing them, which is not very healthy. Not to mention no one like drinking boiling water on a summer day.


Aerosol Cans

These can range from hair products, whip cream, or paints for a project one is working on. At any rate avoid having these in a hot car under sunlight. They are pressurized and under heat can explode in a car ruining the interior or worse, burning it up.


Cell phones/Smartphones

Leaving a cellphone in a hot car is counter intuitive to you getting somethings sorted out during the day. Heat and sunlight are not friends to the modern smartphone. Batteries can overheat and burst which causes a blazing fire, and Smartphone screens can be ruined under UV light as well, so try not to forget it.


Cigarette Lighters

Like the aerosol can, the lighter is under extreme pressure when hot, and it basically turns into a bomb with all the lighter fluid inside. I wouldn't even suggest putting them somewhere hot even out of direct sunlight. Those can get scary in the heat.


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