Gym Membership in Montana

When the weather gets warmer in Montana plenty of people get excited to get out on the lake or hit up the local swimming pool.

It is also when some people feel it is time to get in shape after being a bit dormant over the winter months.

Thankfully if you are looking to get into a gym and get that summer bod you cannot do much better than Montana.

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The website Gambling recently named the states that were the best for you to get your summer body.

The following 5 ways were how they came up with their ranking.

  • Gym Choice (per capita)
  • Gym Cost (inverted - the lower the cost, the higher the score)
  • Dietician Availability (per capita)
  • Personal Trainer Availability (per capita)
  • Protein Food Cost (inverted — the lower the cost, the higher the score)

Montana ranked pretty good in some of these categories, but one category is probably what kept us from taking the over the number 1 spot.

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That's right Montana ranks #5 for the best states to get your summer bod.

The main reason is we are the number 1 state for personal trainer availability.

We come in ranked #2 for gym cost just behind Kentucky.

The big thing holding us from that number 1 spot is the limited amount of gym choices.

It is not that Montana doesn't have plenty of gym choices, it is just do not have a lot of the most popular gyms in America available to us in Montana.

We ranked #49 in that regard which is probably what kept us from being number 1.

Even if we don't have the most "popular" gyms to sign up at, Montana has plenty of great locally owned gyms to become a member of to help you on your fitness journey.

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