Montanans love cool new hobbies to discover, and I think it's even better when "fishing" is involved.

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Well, its a different kind of fishing that I'm talking about.

Have you ever heard about Magnet Fishing?

Wikipedia explains the hobby as a combination of environmentalism and treasure hunting. The magnets used are strong enough to remove large debris such as discarded bicycles, guns, safes, bombs, grenades, coins and car tire rims from bodies of water, but many who engage in the hobby are hoping to find rare and valuable items as well

It also explains that magnet fishing started out when fisherman lost their keys in the water and decided to fish them out with magnets.


Magnet Fishing is allowed in Montana and many people do it and it can only be done by hand. Most of all places are open to magnet fishing including the Missouri River, however there are places on the Missouri that are restricted, so check with city council and/or FWP maps which can be found locally. The Yellowstone river is a great place as well, and the gallatin. If you want to go deep you can Magnet fish at Flathead Lake.

Montana is big on etiquette for most things and magnet fishing is no different,

According to, they write about making sure people ask permission to fish on private land, and if you are unsure check with county officials or Fish, wildlife and parks.

Be sure to pack out whatever you recover from the body of water, has suggestions on stuff that you find.

We’ve seen it all too often. Magnet fishers retrieve a bunch of bulky scrap metal and just leave it on the shore, where it can block pathways and also ruin the aesthetics of beautiful coastlines. Here is are some golden rules, when it comes to dealing with your not-so valuable finds:

  • Always try to recycle, upcycle, or donate them.
  • If this is not possible, try to dispose of them properly by throwing your finds in a public trash bin.
  • If the item is too bulky for the trash bin, leave it next to the bin for trash collectors to pick up. (Some of them will resell scrap metals actually)

Last thing, before you go and buy magnet fishing gear, make sure to do research on the magnets that are in an average kit as they are very powerful and can cause injury or medical complications if not used correctly.

Kits like the one below are available on amazon or you can put a kit together from pieces at your local hardware store. Online Products Online Products

Happy fishing!!!

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