There are many people in Montana that believe that you aren't a true "Montanan" unless you are born here. There are also some that believe you aren't a true "Montanan" unless you are a second or third generation Montanan. Then a few people out there that Montana has adopted as their own, even if they weren't born here. Oscar winner J.K. Simmons happens to be one of those select few that Montana has seemed to embrace.

J.K. Simmons won his Oscar for his performance in the 2014 movie "Whiplash" , his character "Fletcher" wasn't the nicest guy, to say the least. His new movie shows an even scarier side played by J.K. Simmons. The movie is called "You Can't Run Forever" and will be released in theaters on May 17th, 2024. If you watch the trailer you can see just how scary his character can be as he becomes a murderous sociopath hunting a "teenage girl suffering from anxiety due to a tragic event from her past".

The Film Was Shot Around Missoula, Montana

If the woods, where the hunt takes place, look look familiar to some, it's because they were filmed around Missoula, Montana. The film was directed by Michelle Shumacher, who is married to J.K. Simmons in real life.

J.K. Simmons Doesn't Always Play an "Edgy" Character

Not all of J.K. Simmons characters have been edgy or as intense. His role as Mac MacGuff in the movie "Juno", the father of the main character, showed a softer side to his character. He has also been the voice of the "Yellow M & M" in commercials.

J.K. Simmons Should Be an "Honorary" Montanan

Even though J.K. Simmons wasn't born in Montana, he did attend the University of Montana and has continued to support the University and the community when he can. He has lobbied to get "ESPN College Day" to come to Missoula. He has now filmed his latest movie in Montana. If there is anyone who deserves to be an "Honorary Montanan", I think it should be J.K. Simmons.

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