Could This Be The Last Generation Of Montana Born Residents?

It's a point of pride for a lot of residents in Montana to talk about how many generations back they go. Some might just be 1 or 2 generations, but there are others that can go trace their family back 5 generations or more.

However with rising property taxes, housing costs out of control and getting worse every year, not to mention energy rate hikes, one has to wonder if locals are being priced out of the state they love.

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The other day Tammie Toren posted an article titled "The Truth About Home Prices In Montana." In the article it talks about the median house price and how much salary one would need to buy that house.

The median price - $530,000 and the yearly salary - $115,000. With the average Montana salary being 54,525 even a couple can't reach the amount needed to buy an average house in Montana.

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A couple going over their budget and realizing they aren't making enough money

Everyone Is Feeling The Pinch

Almost every time we post an article about affordability, housing, property taxes, people moving to Montana from out of state, we hear a lot of the same comments.

For example take this comment from Lisa M,

It's unaffordable now... What are you talking about in the future? One job is not enough for anyone to make it here. $14 an hour and 40 hours a week ... $2240 minus taxes, child care, rent, food, water, sewer garbage, power, health insurance, auto insurance, gas for the car.... How many young people are still living at home with their parents or couch surfing because well what do you know.... Life is unaffordable. Who TF can afford to live anywhere? Tiny house movement needs to be recognized for what it is... Americans can't afford to make it in America. And don't forget about the elderly, war veterans, disabled and anyone else living on a firmly fixed income absolutely below poverty level. THE FUTURE IS NOW! People can't afford to live in America, check out the local homeless shelter... You think everyone there is there by choice?? Or could it be you need 3x the $1500 a month rent to qualify for the apartment?? The future?.... is bleak for so many people.

Or this one from Carrie G,

I'm glad I came to Montana when it was affordable. I'm glad we purchased a home when it was affordable. I'm glad my children were raised when things were more affordable. Now, I just feel very sorry for the younger generation. Things like home ownership will be only a dream for some.

Another thing we hear often from people is how Montana is being sold out from under us to the 1% and soon it will just be a playground for them, while we're just here to be the help.

I used to poo-poo those sentiments, but lately I'm beginning to think they might have been right.

What are your thoughts? Let us know on through our App or email me your opinion.

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