How Much Would You Pay To Live In The Mountains Of Montana?

It's a dream that plenty of people have, both living in and outside of Montana.

To own a cabin in the mountains.

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Sadly anymore, unless you've got a pretty big bank account, it's going to remain a dream for the most of us.

Securing land in the mountains is expensive, and as more and more people make their way to Montana, and buy more and more land, it's only going to get more expensive.

But just how expensive is it to buy land in mountains of Montana, and where is the most expensive place to do so?

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a cabin in the mountains covered with snow with a full moon in the background above the mountain range

Luxury In Montana Comes With A Cost

The website A-Z Animals has listed the 10 most expensive mountain towns in Montana, and WOW are they expensive.

I'm not entirely sure where they got their numbers when it comes to price you'll pay for the privilege of living in such serene beauty, but their numbers aren't too far off from the prices found on Zillow.

A few places you might already know will be making the list, but there were a couple places that I was shocked at the amount it costs to own a home there.

Remember these are the median home values, so prices could be higher or lower depending on what you are buying, and just how much privacy you want.

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