It's often hard to keep up with the news. Trust me I get it, especially when there are "on going" cases. We forget to check back for updates or we simply miss the update.

Here is an easy way to see what some of the top stories are from around the state.

4 Headlines For This Week In Montana.

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Around Anaconda, apparently there was a skull found. A man excavating an area ended up digging up a skull. Now the Anaconda police chief said he didn't think there was any criminal activity attached to the findings, but the skull was sent off to Billing for further investigation.

After a 911 call came in to the Belgrade police department with no one on the other line, Belgrade police rushed to the scene the call came from and found a man with multiple gun shot wounds. After being transferred to the hospital, the victim passed away. There is one man in custody regarding the incident who is claiming the victim attacked him first.


Electric busses hit the streets of Billings this week. Funded by the Montana DEQ (Department of Environment Quality), the idea behind the electric busses is to cut down on carbon emissions and noise pollution.

A man from NY is being held on bond in connection with fraud. The man reportedly used credit cards to make over $50k in fraudulent purchases from numerous different businesses. Bail has been set at $100,000.

You can search jail rosters, public court records, and other news updates simply by using google or following the link provided below.



cc: NBC Montana, KBZK, Gallatin County Courts

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