Is This Authentic Montana Cabin The Best Bargain In The State?

I would love to own a cabin in Montana, but I think I moved to this state about 30 years to late to be able to afford one.

Thankfully there are ways for those of us who don't own a cabin to be able to stay in one and I might have found the most affordable one in the whole state.

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I found this cabin thanks to the website Love Exploring as they set out to find the most charming place to stay in each state.

While I will not argue they found a very charming cabin in Montana, I think the price it costs to stay at this cabin for a night is the best thing about it.

I don't know many places that you can stay at for just $97 a night, let alone a cabin in Montana.

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A cabin in Darby Montana

One Room Cabin In Darby, Montana

That's right for just $97 a night you can stay in this beautiful one room cabin in Darby Montana.

This is the description from Love Exploring,

This remote one-room log cabin in Darby is perfect for enjoying the great outdoors in Montana. Oozing rustic charm, the cabin has a wood-burning fireplace and a private deck with seating offering gorgeous forest views. Available for $97 (£77) a night, the cabin sits on 10 acres of forested land and has great opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, biking and fishing.

This seems not only like a screaming deal, but something that would make for a very romantic weekend getaway.

Take a look inside this cabin in the gallery below. 👇

This Montana Cabin Is The Best Bargain In The State

This one room Darby, Montana cabin can be yours for just $97 a night. To us that seems like the best bargain in the state.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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