Is Montana Tourist Friendly?

For a state that relies on tourism as a big part of its economy, Montana in recent years has become a lot less friendly to our visitors it seems.

Those tourists have started to take note and have started to let their voices be heard.

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According to the website World Population Review Montana ranks in the bottom half of states when it comes to being friendly to tourists.

Honestly, it shouldn't come as a surprise to most.

If you aren't in a town that lives and survives each year on tourism dollars there seems to be little incentive to treat these outsiders as anything more than temporary nuisances.

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A man flipping the bird but it's pixelated out with the word censored over it

Where does Montana Rank For Friendliest State?

As former Governor Brian Schwitzer once said "Spend your money, then go home."

That seems to be the prevailing attitude when it comes to tourist in the Big Sky state.

It doesn't look good for Montana to be so rude to outsiders when all the states around are rated higher than us.

Those states being more welcoming to tourist means their dollars could be going into their coffers instead of ours.

So, Montana being ranked #36 is a bit concerning, or is it?

I don't think Montana residents are truly a rude bunch, I think just the past few years have kind of soured most residents to outsiders.

Perhaps just a few years of cooling off and we'll get back to being a welcoming state, unless of course you're from California, that'll never change.

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