Can Kids Buy Non-Alcoholic Beer in Montana?

When I was 16 or 17 South Dakota changed the laws surrounding selling non-alcoholic beers to minors.

I don't quite remember the details, but I do remember my friends and I leaving school during lunch going to a local watering hole which served food, ordering our meals and proudly ordering an O'Douls with it.

Two teens drinking unlabled beers in green bottles

While we thought we were pretty cool, we tired of ordering it pretty quickly because we realized there was no reason to buy it.

It only cost us more money, it didn't DO ANYTHING for us, and I don't think there is a teenager alive that likes the taste of beer.

I'm not even sure if I like the taste of it still to this day.

A teen covers his mouth as to not puke out the side of the car.

What States Don't Allow Kids To Buy Non-Alcoholic Drinks?

Surprisingly I found out there are only 4 states that actually prohibit the sale of non-alcoholic beer to minors.

New York, Tennessee, Georgia and Idaho all have laws on the books that don't allow minors to purchase N/A beer.

A unlabled green bottle of beer next to a poured glass of beer

What are the Beer and Alcohol laws in Montana?

In Montana minors are prohibited from buying alcohol with an ABV of more than 0.5%.

However, minors can drink beer, that's according to the website Drinking Age,

"Except in the case of an alcoholic beverage provided in a nonintoxicating quantity to a person under 21 years of age by the person's parent or guardian, physician or dentist for medicinal purposes, a licensed pharmacist upon the prescription of a physician, or an ordained minister or priest in connection with a religious observance.

Not only can minors drink legally with some exceptions, minors in Montana can legally buy non-alcoholic beer,

Beverages with 0.5% ABV or less may be purchased by minors.

Is it right or wrong, well that is up to your family to decide.

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