It can get pretty hot during the summer months in Montana. Does that mean you can strip naked and drive around the Big Sky au naturel?

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Is it illegal to drive naked in Montana?

If you like to be naked and want to hang out in the buff you are more than welcome to in Montana, within reason. There are places right here in the Treasure State that welcome you to be naked.

So you can go camping nude in Montana, but what about driving in the buff?

You can walk around your house naked and your car is sorta like a house, right?

Well, sorta I guess.

Lewdness Laws

This is one of those grey area laws in that it's not exactly illegal to drive around naked in Montana, but it's not exactly legal either.

It's legal in the "if no one catches me it's not illegal," sense of the law, but that isn't great logic to live by.

A cop car in the foreground with a police man blurry in the background talking to a driver

Should you get pulled over while driving naked then you could be guilty of public indecency.

You could also be pulled over because someone saw you driving around naked and reported you.

It could get really bad for you if it was a child that saw you. That could get you on an offenders list.

So, the answer to this question boils down to, "just cause you can, doesn't mean you should."

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