Not too long ago, it was announced that a "Yellowstone" spinoff starring Matthew McConaughey titled "1944" has been green-lit for production and that it will be filmed in Montana. As McConaughey would say, "Greenlight."

While the show will reportedly be filmed in the Bitterroot Valley, we do have a few suggestions as to what other Montana locations would make for gorgeous backdrops.

But the first thing I wondered after the announcement was not where it would be filmed. It was how long it would take before Mattew McConaughey moved to Montana.

Let's look at the reasons why he might come here.

Convenience. If he's going to spend so much time on set, and he's been public about the importance of family, naturally, he may want a place here where he could spend time with his family when he wasn't filming.

If the shoe fits. McConaughey lives in Texas and while many have speculated that he's a Republican, he has also "slammed political extremists." As a potential centrist, his purple political views would certainly fit with Montana's historical attitude toward politics.

Peer pressure. Not so much from his famous friends, but if he talks to any of the stars of "Yellowstone" that live in Montana or have Montana roots, I think he'll be tempted.

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So let's start a pool. How long do you think it will take before Matthew McConaughey moves to Montana, or at least, buys property here? I could see him waiting a season before committing to make the move, or I could see him moving midseason.

The other question is, where? Do you think if he did move to Montana he'd move to the Bitterroot Valley?

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