Where Should You Move To If You Wanna Avoid California Transplants?

California residents seem to be the scapegoat for a lot of problems Montana is facing as of late.

This is not just a Montana issue either, it seems, as plenty of our neighboring states and even places like Texas complain about people leaving California and coming to their state.

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I've known a few people from California, and they are very nice and genuine people, but that's how it seems to go.

Individually, we have no issues with most people we encounter, but as a group, we generalize, and as such, we tend to think of all Californians as bad for our way of life.

I recently wrote an article about the snobbiest cities in Montana, and a big majority of comments on social media were about how it was all the California transplants that were the true snobs, or how they were ruining Montana.

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Where People From California Are Moving To The Least

If you truly want to get away from Californians, you're going to have to move out of Montana.

The website 24/7 Wall St. took a look at where California residents were moving to the most, and honestly, we are more toward the bottom than the top.

We currently rank #29 for California transplants, as just over 6,000 people moved in one year.

That's less than 1% of all outbound Californians.

Texas ranked #1 with 107,546 new California transplants, or 12.79% of all outbound Californians.

So, where do you need to go to be surrounded by the least number of Californians?

State of Delaware State, US Detail from the World Map


If you truly hate Californians and want to be around as few as possible, you won't find a better state than Delaware.

According to 24/7 Wall St., only 116 California residents, or 0.01% of all outbound Californians, moved here in one year.

If Delaware isn't for you, check out the 5 states most similar to Montana, but we can't promise there aren't Californians there either. 👇

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