How A Montana Tragedy Became An Indiana Miracle

It's crazy how your brain changes its way of thinking when you become a parent.

What never bothered you or got you emotional prior to having kids can now make you tear up in an instant.

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A Montana Mom Finds Healing Through Donation

There are so many things that happen each day in the news that there will be some stories that just never get heard.

Perhaps you are like me and have never heard the story of Landon Haight, a 3-year-old boy from Montana.

In 2016, a faulty dock collapsed, and sadly, Landon was crushed underneath it. When told by doctors that Landon would not make it and that his family would like to donate his organs, his mother, Christian Foley, said yes without hesitation.

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Over 2,000 Miles Away A Little Girl In Indiana Needs A Transplant

Maddy Guzman Maya was 4 years old in 2016 and was born with a rare defect that necessitated a multi-organ transplant that included the stomach, pancreas, and both the large and small intestines.

Thanks to the decision by Christian Foley, Maddy is a healthy 12-year-old girl today.

Christian recently traveled to Indiana to meet Maddy and her family. Together, they honored the memory and legacy of Landon at the Indiana Donor Network.

If you would like to read more about this story, click here. Also, April is national donor month, so to learn more about how to become an organ donor, check out the Donor Alliance website.

5 Reasons To Become An Organ Donor

Organ donations save lives... it's that simple. And there is such a constant need. If you would like to sign up to be a donor, just click here.

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