Montana's #1 Celebrity Pilgrimage Site Might Surprise You

When people think of celebrities, Montana doesn't exactly jump to the top of the list.

However, most Montana residents would be able to tell you that we have had plenty of celebrities come from the Big Sky State.

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What Montana Celebrity Are People Visiting The Most?

The website Tarotoo recently asked 3,000 people across America what landmarks associated with dead celebrities they most wanted to visit. Topping the list was Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Closer to Montana, Kurt Cobain Memorial Park in Aberdeen, Washington, came in as the 3rd most popular destination.

As for Montana, our celebrity just made the 100 by coming in at number 97.

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A portait of famous western artist Charles Marion Russell
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Charles Marion Russell

Charlie Russell or more specifically the C.M. Russell Museum was the only location in Montana that people said they wanted to visit.

While he might not be exactly what someone would think of when you say the word celebrity, in the art world, especially the western art world, he is considered an icon.

Anyone who has visited the C.M. Russell Museum knows that it should come as no surprise that people want to see the C.M. Russell Museum.

It's been named a top 20 tourist attraction in Montana, and it's a point of pride for the residents of Great Falls.

If you'd like to see Tarotoo's full list click here.

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