Who Is The Richest Celebrity Living In Montana?

Montana in recent years has seen a huge influx of wealthy people buying up property, sight unseen.

However, we've been a place that celebrities have been coming to for years to escape the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood scene.

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I'm not sure who the first celebrity was to move to Montana, but it is not just a recent phenomenon.

Some celebrities moved here far before it was the hip thing to do, like Huey Lewis, who bought his Stevensville ranch way back in 1987.

Or how about Chet Huntley? Born and raised in Montana, he went on to be a news broadcaster for NBC and the host of The Huntley–Brinkley Report for 14 years. He then returned to Montana and founded Big Sky Resort in 1973.

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A ski lift at the Big Sky resort ski resort

What Can Be Considered A Celebrity?

When it comes to who we put on our list, we had to come up with a few qualifiers.

I think everyone living in Montana knows that Ted Turner owns quite a bit of land, and he's pretty darn rich.

Also, Bill Gates is reported to be a member of the Yellowstone Club, and he's one of the richest people in the world.

No, for this list, we're looking more at people coming from the entertainment world, the quote-unquote real celebrities.

So, you won't find people like Tom Brokaw or even Tom Brady who are household names on this list, even though they've spent time living under the Big Sky.

Now let's see who are the 10 richest celebrities living in Montana. 👇

Here Are The 10 Richest Celebrities Living In Montana

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