Ever Wondered How Many Dams Are Here In Montana?

Living in Great Falls it's impossible to not think about dams.

We are surrounded by them and depending on where you live or work, you might drive by one each and every day.

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With so many dams in one city one might think we've got dams all over the state.

Add in the fact that the Missouri River starts in Montana, and again you might have an inflated sense of how many dams there are here.

So, consider me shocked when I found out the number, and it's smaller than I thought it would be, but I then found out we've got some pretty unique dams to brag about, even if we don't have the most.

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Ryan Dam one of 5 dams surrounding Great Falls, Montana

How Many Dam Are Located Here In Montana?

According to the website Geography Realm there are 3,005 dams in Montana.

That doesn't seem like a small number, but I thought we'd be closer to the number of dams Texas has who comes in at number 1 with 7,352 dams.

We do have a few dams to brag about though.

Black Eagle Dam

The Black Eagle Dam in Great Falls has two distinctions that make it unique.

One, it's the oldest dam in Montana having been built all the way back in 1890.

Second, it was the first dam built on the Missouri River.

Fort Peck Dam

The other unique dam in Montana is the Fort Peck Dam.

At 21,026 feet in length, it is the largest hydraulically filled dam in America and is responsible for Fort Peck Lake, the fifth largest artificial lake in America.

We think these facts are pretty "dam" impressive.

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Ryan Dam, Great Falls Montana

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