New Scam Alert Montana: Diamond Rings In The Mail

As much fun as it can be getting a package in the mail, when you get something you don't remember ordering alarm bells sound be sounding in your head.

Turns out there is a whole new scam going around and Montana residents need to know what to do should they find themselves the target in this latest attempt.

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What Are The Details Of This New Diamond Ring Scam.

According to the United States Postal Inspection Service this is what is called a "Brushing Scam."

Here is how they say it works,

A person receives packages or parcels containing various sorts of items which were not ordered or requested by the recipient. While the package may be addressed to the recipient, there is not a return address, or the return address could be that of a retailer. The sender of the item(s) is usually an international, third-party seller who has found the recipient’s address online. The intention is to give the impression that the recipient is a verified buyer who has written positive online reviews of the merchandise, meaning: they write a fake review in your name.

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A bunch of pop up review boxes along with a woman on her phone looking at other reviews

You might be thinking, "what's the big deal if they write a fake review under my name."

Yeah, the review isn't a big deal, however the fact they probably already have your information, IS a big deal.

Often scammers obtain personal information through nefarious means and with ill-intentions and use it for a number of scams and other illicit activities in the future.

Plus, if the scammer is in your town, they'll have access to your address and could start to steal packages you did order right off your doorstep.

A person in a black hoodie with a mask stills a package from a porch

What Do If You Received One Of These Scam Items?

  • Don’t pay for the merchandise
  • Return to sender
  • Throw it away
  • Keep it
  • Change your account passwords
  • Closely monitor
  • Notify authorities
  • Notify the retailer

Scammers are always out there working hard to take advantage of honest people so make sure to follow the US Postal Inspection Service and keep yourself safe.

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