What Is Montana's Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

I grew up in a small town that didn't have a fast food restaurant in it.

Sure there were diners and places to go and eat food you didn't make, but there were no McDonald's or Taco Bell's in our town.

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So it was a BIG DEAL getting to stop at any fast food restaurant when we were out of town, and nothing was better to a little kid than McDonald's and their happy meals.

McDonald's is sort of the king of fast food restaurants, but are they still the favorite fast food restaurant of Montana residents today?

Tastes and trends change and that's why Stacker wanted to find out what restaurant was the most popular in Montana.

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a smorgasbord of fast food

Does More Mean Most Popular?

I'm not entirely sure I agree with Stacker on who they picked to be Montana's favorite fast food restaurant.

It seems like they are using the one with the most locations to say "This is the most popular one," which you'll see from the list below.

#8. Starbucks - 20 Locations
#7. Taco Bell - 21 Locations
#5. (TIE) Domino's - 23 Locations
#5. (TIE) Burger King - 23 Locations
#4. Dairy Queen - 30 Locations
#3. Pizza Hut - 31 Locations
#2. McDonald's - 44 Locations

Coming in at #1

Subway Settles Not-Really Foot Long Sandwich Litigation
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#1. Subway - 85 Locations

Now I have no issues with Subway, in fact I was actually a sandwich artist at one point before I started my radio career.

I still don't believe this is the truly the favorite fast food place of Montanans, which admittedly the list is of the most common fast food restaurant.

Funnily enough, the fast food restaurant drive thru that is most Googled in Montana, WASN'T in this list, see what we're Googling below. 👇

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