Perhaps you may be able to help solve a mystery.

Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but you could still help out someone looking for help.

I was scrolling through Reddit recently and came across an interesting post that I wanted to get a few more eyeballs on.

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It seems that recently someone was shopping in Spokane, Washington, at a sidewalk sale and came across a camera.

When they got home, they realized there was still film in the camera, much to their surprise, so they went and got it developed.

When they got the pictures back, they posted a few of the images on Reddit with the people in them, hoping to be able to track them down.

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wood blocks spelling out "lost & found"

A Family Vacation At Glacier National Park

You may be wondering why we're asking Montana people if they know the people in the photos you're about to see.

Well, it turns out the four photos appear to be of a family vacationing at Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

In one of the photos of perhaps the father of the group, he is wearing a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana shirt.

Now, just because he's wearing a shirt with Montana on it, does that mean they are from here?

No, but I would argue it increases the odds they are, or at the very least has some connection to Montana.

The person who bought the camera and goes by pateauxsue on Reddit is hoping to return these photos to those in them, and we'd love to help that become a reality, so take a look at the photos below and let's hope we can find the people in them.

Found on a roll of exposed film still in the camera
byu/pateauxsue inFoundPhotos

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