Where Can You Receive Free Land Just For Moving There?

I was not born in Montana, but I have made it my home since 2000, and I do not see myself leaving anytime soon.

That said, if I should ever decide to leave the Big Sky, there a few places that offer free land that could be a reason to do so.

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Montana was one of the states that participated in the 1862 Homestead Act which saw families and immigrants move here and claim land.

While a few came here and claimed their 160 acres, it was the Enlarged Homestead Act of 1909 that saw the biggest influx of new residents.

Doubling the size of the land given to families to 320 acres, and making it easier to claim the land, it saw over 80,000 families make the move to Montana from around 1909 to 1920.

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An old homestead home

These 9 Places Are Still Giving Away Free Land

While the US Government is no longer giving away free land, there are some states that have continued to do so.

Now granted there are some stipulations attached to the land, such as building requirements within a certain time frame, while other places won't allow you to have livestock on your property.

For the most part though, this is free land, outside of the property taxes you would be expected to pay.

Thanks to the websites My Millennial Guide and Dollar Break for the list of places offering up the free land.

To see where those places are, check out the gallery below 👇

Sick Of Montana? These 9 Places Will Give You Free Land

10 States will give you free land if you're interested in moving there. Based on data from DollarBreak and My Millennial Guide.

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