You'll Pay Less For These Groceries Now

While inflation has dropped quite a bit over the last year, from 9% down to 3%, experts are saying that we'll see prices remain high for a while still.

Luckily enough for those of us here in Montana, we will get a bit of a reprieve when it comes to our grocery bill.

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It's almost impossible to not have to make a trip or two, or maybe even three, per week to the grocery store.

You can grow your own food and hunt your own food, but I don't believe anyone is able to 100% sustain themselves without a trip to the store.

Plus, it might even cost you more in the long run as well. I mean, dairy cows aren't cheap to buy, not to mention the land needed to have one.

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A Dairy Cow With A Dollar Sign on its side

What Grocery Items Dropped In Price?

The website Stacker looked at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and broke down the data to find the groceries that we'll be saving the most on this fall and winter.

From August to September, these groceries fell the most in our neck of the woods.

In fact, groceries have been falling pretty much since the spring of this year; that comes after three solid years of increase.

From supply chain issues to bird flu, there were plenty of ways prices were kept high outside of just inflation.

Thankfully, just in time for the holidays, we'll see the number at the bottom of your receipt be just a bit smaller thanks to the price drop on the following items.

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