Is Montana A Popular Hunting Destination In America?

It's no secret that Montana is an outdoor enthusiasts dream.

Those of us that live here also know that it's a great place to hunt as well, but what about people not from here, do they look to our state as one of the top places to plan a hunting trip around?

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While I personally know plenty of Montanans who never purchase meat from a grocery store as they only eat what they hunt and kill, hunting has become a bit more of a pastime activity than something that is done out of necessity.

Still, there are plenty of outfitters in Montana that cater to wealthy out of state visitors that want to come in and ensure they get what they came for. It's become a big money making industry for better or worse.

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two male hunters hunting pheasants with their hunting dog

Hunting In Montana

The website 24/7 Wall St. wanted to know what states were the most popular destinations to travel to hunt in.

Here is what they had to say about hunting destinations,

Between private hunting grounds and protected public lands, most American sportsmen and women do not need to travel far to enjoy their hobby. In fact, 89% of the 38.7 million hunting licenses, tags, permits, and stamps issued in 2021 were sold for in-state hunts.

However, in a country as large and ecologically diverse as the United States, hunters who are willing to travel have many good options. Whether for the simplicity of hunting laws, the size of available game, or the variety and abundance of animal species, some states have become popular hunting destinations.

So where does Montana rank as a top rated hunting destination?

Check out the gallery below to see where we rank. 👇

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