What Makes This The Most Unique Zip Code In America?

Zip codes allow postal workers to easily sort and deliver mail all across America.

There is however one zip code in a tiny little Idaho town, just over an hour from the western Montana border, that is home to most festive zip code in America.

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For most of the year, people don't even think about this little town that has 245 residents according to the website Point2homes.

In fact the zip code, which is 83866, doesn't seem to have anything really special about it at first glance either.

So why then do thousands come to this tiny little town each year with post cards and letters in hand wanting to get them postmarked?

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A pile of letters with the top one saying "To Santa" on it

Why This Tiny Idaho Town Becomes So Popular Each December

In Benewah County just 13 miles south of St. Maries on Idaho State Highway 3 you'll find the unincorporated town of Santa, Idaho.

Every year people come here to get a letter or postcard stamped at the post office, which has been in operation since 1887, so that their postmark will say "Santa" on it.

Ironically enough the town wasn't even named after the big guy in red at all, instead it was named after the nearby Santa Anna Creek.

Santa, Idaho isn't the only town in our area to have Christmas sounding names, even if they weren't named after the holiday themselves.

Check out 14 of these very festive sounding towns in the gallery below. 👇

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