I recently wrote an article about how to make a Montana resident seethe.  If you have not read it you can by clicking the link below. It's a list of things most Montana residents don't care for and can make us roll our eyes.

Well one of examples I gave in that article was "bragging." So I hope you forgive me for breaking my own rule. I am breaking it though because I think we here in Montana need to proud of the following things Montana has given America. It is a mixture of inventions, places people and even some laws.

I do not know if it is because of Montana's small population, "rural" lifestyle, or being considered a fly over state, we often find ourselves in the shadows of some other states in the nation. We definitely get overlooked quite often on the national stage. That is why I want to break my own rule. I want people to know all that Montana has given to our country, and our country is better for it.

These are all things that have either lasted for decades and decades or where ahead of their time and only recently the rest of the country has caught up. You will even find some food that Montana has given America.

So check out the gallery below and then next time someone asks you or says "what has Montana ever done or given to American" you can proudly tell them some of the following.  You are welcome America!

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You Need To Know The Things Montana Has Given America

It's time everyone know about what Montana has given America

Inventions Made By Women

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