Montana is one of the least depressed states in America

That's the finding I found on a website that was breaking down the happiest states in America.

Oddly enough Montana doesn't rank that high on the happiest scale, but there are reasons for that other than us just not being depressed.

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You would think that if you rank high on the scale of least depressed that you'd be pretty high on the list when it comes to the happiest states in The Nation.

Weirdly enough the website Scholaroo doesn't rank Montana even in the top 10 for the happiest states.


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How happy is Montana?

To find out how "happy" Montana is as a whole, Scholaroo used the following 7 categories to compile their rankings

1. Employment
2. Leisure Activities
3. Mental Health
4. Personal Finance
5. Personal Relationships
6. Physical Health
7. Social Policies

Once you put all those metrics together you find that Montana, like most state rankings lists, is once again middle of the pack.

A map of us states showing how "happy" they are

We come in at #23 overall, and here is how we ranked for all the 7 categories used to determine the rankings

  • #39 for employment
  • #13 for leisure activities
  • #32 for mental health
  • #4 for personal finance
  • #6 for personal relationships
  • #31 for social policies
  • #23 for physical health

While a few of those aren't so pretty there are a few other results from Scholaroo that do point to something good for Montana.

We're #2 for exercise enthusiasts and the #4 least depressed state in The Nation.

I think both of those go hand in hand, and when you consider the exercise we get is probably from getting outdoors it's easy to see why we're not very depressed in Montana.

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