USPS Ask Montanans To Get Rid Of Their Old Mailboxes For Something Better

The United States Postal Service has a bone to pick with Montana residents, or, to be more to the point, they have a problem with your mailbox.

During the third week of May, the United States Postal Service celebrates Mailbox Improvement Week, and they have a few suggestions to help you keep your mail safe.

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A beat up mailbox surrounded by tall grass

Why Is The USPS Asking Montana Residents To Get New Mailboxes

As much as I don't like to, there are times I have to shop online to get an item or product I want.

That means every day there is a chance that the post office will be delivering me a box or two, and that also means they'll just be sitting on my porch when I get home.

The threat of porch pirates stealing my packages is why the United States Postal Service says it's time to get a new mailbox in Montana.

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A jumbo mailbox with size dimensions

USPS Is Asking Montanans To Quickly “Super Size” Their Mailboxes

If you are worried about your packages being stolen by porch pirates in Montana, the USPS suggests upgrading to an extra-large mailbox.

These bigger mailboxes will not only allow your packages to be hidden from potential thieves, but also keep them safe from less than ideal weather.

If you'd like to buy one of these jumbo mailboxes, you can do so by clicking here, and if you think you don't need one, perhaps seeing where Montana ranks for porch pirates will change your mind.

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