Bummed You Didn't Win The Montana Millionaire?

Want to know how I didn't win the Montana Millionaire this past December? Because you're reading an article written by me right now.

Honestly, had I won the lottery, I wouldn't have quit my job, because a million dollars just doesn't go as far as it used to these days.

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That doesn't mean I'd turn down a million dollars, nor would I turn down the prizes offered by some of the newest scratch games available from the Montana lottery either.

Perhaps you got some of these new games in your stocking, maybe they were given to you by friends, co-workers or family members.

Winning even the smallest jackpot prize on one of these games would go a long way into paying off Christmas bills or starting a nest egg for any trips you are planning for 2024.

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How Do You Know If You Still Can Win?

If you are wondering if you can still win off these scratch games (which are accurate as of January 4th 2024) you can always check the Montana lottery website by clicking here.

They'll keep it updated letting you know when the bigger prizes are claimed, and if you look at the photos of the scratch tickets you'll see just how many grand prizes are available on each ticket.

So check out the new games giving you a chance to win some big cash in Montana for 2024.

8 New Montana Lottery Scratch Games To Win With

Check out the new games the Montana lottery has going in January, giving you a chance to win some money in the new year. All games are accurate as of Jan 4th 2024.

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