Where Does Montana Rank For Sex Per Week?

Talking about sex is a bit of a taboo subject, but honestly it shouldn't be.

I won't say EVERYONE is having sex, but a majority of us are, and some are having it more than others it seems.

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A mattress review website called Nap Lab recently conducted a survey of residents across America to see which states were having the most sex per week.

Before we reveal just how much sex Montana residents are having and where we rank in America for getting busy, a few stats that Nap Lab found in their survey.

Americans in their 20s have sex around 80 times a year, or approximately once every four to five days. This rate declines over time, dropping to about 20 times a year for those in their 60s.

A couple peeks their heads out from under the covers

People Are Actually Having Less Sex

Another statistic Nap Lab found out is that people are having less sex than before,

...26% of Americans report having no sex at all in 2021, and the pandemic is not to blame. As recently as 2018, nearly 25% of Americans reported having no sex in the previous year. Only 39% of Americans reported having intercourse once or more a week, which is a decrease of nearly 12% in two decades. This is slightly less than our 2023 sex survey data indicates, so perhaps that is a promising sign?

So, what is Montana ranking when it comes to love making on a weekly basis?

A map detailing how much sex each states residents are having each week.
Credit: Nap Lab Infographic

Montana Residents Top Half Of America For Sex Per Week

Coming in ranked #21 Montana residents get frisky once per week, or just slightly over the U.S. average.

Ranked at #1 is Alaska with an average of 2.8 times a week, while in last place at #50 is Colorado with a very fitting and funny average of 0.420 times a week.

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