Watch Out, Montana – Don’t Look For Love In These 10 Iowa Places

The older I get, the more happy I am no longer in the dating scene.

I don't even know if I would know how to find a date these days, what with online dating being so popular.

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Stay Away From These 10 Montana Counties

Thankfully, I don't have to worry about dating in the online dating era, but those who are single have more to worry about than just rejection.

It turns out a few counties here in Montana have a bit of that "burning" love infecting them.

That makes dating, an already difficult situation, an even more tricky one to navigate.

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What Counties In Montana Have The Highest STD Rates?

While more information is available regarding sexually transmitted diseases, there are still people turning up at clinics to get tested for STDs.

It seems there are a few counties that really haven't gotten the message in Montana, and it's not just the largest ones either.

A few counties you'll see in the gallery below are considered some of the smaller but have the highest rate of STDs in the state.

Don't think that just because you don't show any symptoms, you don't have any either. There are numerous STDs that lay dormant for years without showing signs.

For information on getting tested, check out the Montana DPHHS website, and then check out which 10 counties have the highest STD rate in the gallery below. 👇

These 10 Counties In Montana Have The Highest STD Rates

Thanks to Stacker we were able to find out the top counties in Montana with the highest STD rates.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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Thanks to the information from County Health Rankings, we were able to determine these Montana counties have the highest prevalence of excessive drinking. Alcohol-impaired driving deaths were used to break a tie.

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These towns are considered by the "experts" at RoadSnacks to be the most redneck towns in Montana.

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