What Is Montana's Rank For Take Out In America?

If your family is anything like mine, you are strapped for time each and every day.

That's probably why so many Montana residents are relying on takeout so much when it comes to meal planning.

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How Much Is Montana's Spending For Take Out?

Remember during the pandemic when it looked like some of our favorite local restaurants could end up having to close, and as a community, we rallied around them by ordering takeout?

Well, it turns out that here in Montana, we never really stopped ordering takeout and just kept having someone else cook for us.


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Montana Is In The Top 10 For Take Out Each Month

According to the website The Cookie Rookie, when it comes to takeout, Montana spends the 9th most in America each month.

It looks like we are spending almost $400 a month on takeout and nearly $5,000 a year.

So it seems we eat out a lot, yet ironically enough, we are the number one state for looking up recipes to make at home.

Check out what states spend more than us, along with other stats when it comes to dinner time and our eating habits, by seeing the full report from The Cookie Rookie here.

If you're wanting to take the night off from cooking, why not try one of the best places for takeout according to Yelp by scrolling through the gallery below?

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