The 10 Most Unusual Town Names In Montana The Meaning Behind Them

Have you ever looked at the name of a town and wondered, "How did they come up with that name?"

Sometimes it's easy to know why a town got its name, like Fort Benton or Great Falls, but others have a bit more meaning behind the name.

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A Rose By Any Other Name

When it comes to names in Montana, there are a few towns that some people have never taken the time to know the history of.

More often than not, we just take for granted that the town name of Bozeman is Bozeman; it's been that way since we were born, and we've never questioned why or how it got that name.

Well, the website Only in Your State wanted to educate us and put together a list of 10 towns whose names most people don't know the meaning behind.

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Do You Know The History Of Your Town Name?

You'll find all sorts of reasons for the names you'll see in the gallery below.

Everything from the names of loved ones to something as simple as pointing to a place on a map.

If there are other towns that have a unique backstory to their name that we haven't included here, then let us know by emailing me or sending us a message through our app's messaging feature.

The Meaning Behind The Names Of These 10 Unusual Montana Towns

Thanks to Only In Your State, learn how these 10 towns with unique names got their names.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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