What Is Montana's Most Family-Friendly City?

Montana has no shortage or wonderful and charming little towns that are just begging to be visited.

There is one town though that has found itself on yet another list that lists them as one of best places in Montana.

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Montana is a great state to raise a family in.

While we are all worried about the rise in crime and drug use across Montana, there is still a feeling that our state is a safe environment for our children.

While we may never go back to the days where parents kicked their kids out of the house at breakfast and expected them to come home when it was dark; kids are still able to have a pretty supervision free upbringing in plenty of places across Montana.

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That idea is what lead the website Travel Pulse to name Whitefish, Montana the most family friendly town in Montana.

Here is what they had to say behind their choice:

Like many small towns in Montana, Whitefish is straight out of another era, or straight out of central casting, or both. If you're a family looking to raise your children outdoors, this is it. There are plenty of parks, plenty of open space, skiing, ranches and more.  And it's a relatively young town so it's perfect for like-minded families.

Whitefish sure is a very popular destination in Montana as they keep finding themselves on these types of lists.

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